how did it all start? Well....



2011: Touchdown Heathrow. A year of backpacking in Australia and Asia further developed the palette of Stuart & Sarah, current coffee alternatives simply weren’t going to cut it. Family and friends helped to sweeten the palette momentarily, but lingering flavours of Melbournes coffee scene incensed the tip of our tongue.

This seemingly insignificant circumstance resulted in a little lamb of an idea. That lamb grew into Lost Sheep Coffee.



2012: Purchase of a three wheeled micro coffee van and security of a pitch in Canterbury High Street introduced the revellers of Kent to their first taste of Aussie Specialty Coffee in May this year. Lost sheep was born. Our core principle shepherds our practices, every shot weighed and timed to ensure a quality tasting coffee, every time. Despite challenges of early consumer adoption, and a baaaaaad first day we built a loyal following and stuck it out for the summer. Eclipsing 2012, Lost Sheep moved paddocks from Canterbury High Street for a short hiatus.



2014: December 5th. Lost Sheep dovetailed into Canterbury in our new ‘Pod 1.0’. Nothing short of amazing, our ecstatic customers have revelled ever since.

2015: November. Lost sheep opens a second location in McArthurglenn designer outlet Ashford. Centred in the food court, it was COLD in there! Nonetheless, we love our customers and you loved us back.



2017: Our customers really loved us in Ashford, so much so in a full size location was in order. We jumped at the chance to move within the outlet and are proud of our current beautiful location. Our Canterbury pod also had a cheeky facelift.

The Summer of 2017 was long and memorable for Lost Sheep. We opened our very own Speciality Coffee Roastery in Whitstable, with our 12kg coffee roaster, coffee training areas, coffee cupping area and most importantly an ambient temp controlled room for the storage of speciality green beans. Our roastery is very well equipped and stands proud as the exclusive Speciality Coffee roaster in Whitstable!

To cap off this amazing year, we netted the Hospitality business award and had a ball dolling up for the spectacular awards ceremony. We’re proud of our team and our store in which our award sits proudly.


2019: We’re proud to have pioneered speciality coffee in Kent and remain a stalwart of the ever growing Kent specialty coffee scene. 

Be different #DrinkDifferent is our motto. Come join us in the world of specialty coffee.


Lost Sheep Coffee Team