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Your favourite Lost Sheep Coffee sent straight to your door. Skip or change any time, no hassle!

Fully traceable, fairly traded, hand roasted speciality coffee. All wrapped up in our industry leading environmentally friendly packaging.

At Lost Sheep Coffee we pride ourselves on only using speciality grade 1 coffee beans, this is the highest grade of coffee you can achieve in the world. With each bean expertly hand checked to ensure the absolute best quality is reached. This rigorous process ranks the coffee we use within the top 5% grown globally each year! Because of this unique grading system we gain expert knowledge on exactly where all of our coffee comes from, allowing us to provide full traceability from farm to cup! The high quality of our coffee means all of our farmers are paid up to 4 times more money for their crop than they would with normal commercial grade coffee beans.

Espresso Capsules

Espresso Capsules, also known as espresso pods are recyclable containers filled with ground coffee. They were originally created and  designed for Nespresso coffee and espresso machines so have become known as Nespresso capsules, even though there are now a wide range of espress capsules available from a number of coffee companies, including us at Lost Sheep Coffee.

But did you have any idea about how these modern miracles of the morning (and of course other parts of the day) that we take for granted today, were created? Well, we thought you might might be interested, as a coffee lover, to find out how espresso capsules came to be and how the innovation of one man, a Swiss aerodynamics engineer called Eric Favre, invented this super efficient and delicious way of getting a fresh cup of coffee, and how his invention completely changed the way we drink coffee.

It all started in 1975 when Eric, who worked at Nestle decided to prove to his Italian wife, Anna Maria that he was capable of making the ultimate espresso. The couple set off to scour Italy’s bars in search of the best coffee. Settling for a while in Rome they frequented the popular Caffè Sant’Eustachio, today considered by tourist guides to serve the best espresso in the city.

Anna-Maria and Éric took to peeking behind counters and questioning staff, until one day barista Eugenio dropped a vital clue: The reason why Italians were lining up to sample Eugenio’s brew was that instead of pumping the piston of the machine just once, the barista aerated the coffee by pulling the lever at several short intervals.  The oxidation created by doing this brings out all the flavours and aromas in the ground coffee beans.

And that was where Eric got the idea that started the whole evolution of coffee that resulted in us being able to pop an espresso capsule (of Lost Sheep roasted coffe we hope!) into a machine and get a delicious cup of coffee shop tasting coffee in less than a minute!

Eric’s take away from this understanding was to create a machine that would introduce a maximum amount of air into the water forced through the espresso capsule.

Long story short, it took Nestle 10 years to finally give Favre the go-ahead to launch Nespresso as a subsidiary company using his invention: The Nespresso Machine.Espresso Capsules

They were initially aimed at a specialist business clientele: bars, hotels and offices. The first machines designed for offices and homes were inspired by the huge espresso machines found in Italian bars. In 1984, two models were tested by Nestlé in Switzerland, Italy and Japan. In 1986, Nespresso’s capsule system was marketed as a luxury product.


However it failed to catch on, and in 1988 Nespresso repositioned itself to target the high-end consumer market. The more affordable capsules started appearing in Swiss households and two years later they arrived in France and the United States.

And since then, as we know, the whole concept has mushroomed with espresso capsules  becoming a very regular manner in which many of us get our daily coffee fix.


In our opinion if you were looking for espresso capsules and you found this page, you’ve landed in the right place, as you will not find better espresso capsules than those that we produce here at Lost Sheep Coffee!

When we developed our coffee capsules we wanted to ensure that we was able to create a capsules that truly showcased the standard of Speciality Coffee that we look to achieve and embodied our goals for the Speciality Coffee industry!

The coffee you will find inside all of our espresso capsules is expertly Hand Roasted by our roast master and is carefully sourced by us to ensure that all farmers are paid well above the industry standards for their hard work.

It was very important for us to ensure the “Full Life Cycle” of the capsule was as environmentally friendly as possible, not just the capsules ‘End of Life’ cycle, we wanted to focus on the start & middle of the cycle too! You can read more about our green side here.


So kick back, relax and experience capsules like you have never tasted before. Welcome to our Lost Sheep Family!

Espresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso Capsules

Think Espresso Capsules: Think Lost Sheep Coffee Espresso Capsules!

Our Compostable Espresso Capsules: How are they made?

Coffee pod or espresso capsule technology has made drinking great coffee at home even easier. Over  300,000,000 cups  (yes, you read that right: over 300 million cups) were made  with pod machines in the UK last year. Sadly, due to the main name brand that started the revolution – their Name includes the word Espresso – see what we did there; – far too many of the empty espresso capsules end up in landfill sites. In fact, did you know that nearly 95% of them are  aluminium and plastic pods and ended up straight in landfill? We’re talking 185 million pods going to landfill. A process that will take over 500 years for them to break down.

At Lost Sheep Coffee we  have something better…. Our pods  not only have a long shelf life, but will also break down into nutrient-rich fertiliser in just 90 days after you’ve used them. All you have to do is place them in your local authority food-waste collection bin after use. Simple as that.

Why is composting important?

Composting food waste and biodegradable materials, as opposed to leaving them in landfill, is the most environmentally sustainable solution to waste disposal. Composting dramatically reduces the amount of potent methane gas that is released into the atmosphere and toxic residue in the ground, as well as producing nitrogen-rich natural fertilisers as a by-product.

If you see the term ‘compostable’ on packaging (as you do on all of our espresso capsules and other coffee pods this means that the materials have been certified to break down completely into non-toxic components (water, carbon dioxide, and biomass) given the right conditions.

What are Lost Sheep Coffee Espresso Capsules Made Of?

Great question! Glad you asked!The capsules, lids and bag packaging we use are made of a plant-based cornstarch bio-plastic. This material guarantees our pods an unlimited shelf life while preserving the exceptional taste of our award-winning coffee, and after use can be industrially composted with your food waste.

What does ‘industrially compostable’ mean?

After you’ve made your coffee, all you have to do is place the used capsule in your local authority food-waste collection bin to be taken to your nearest industrial composting plant. At an industrieal facility microbes, moisture and warmth are balanced to break any food waste and biodegradable packaging into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, which can be used by farmers as high-quality fertiliser. It can also be used as fuel to produce heat and electricity. In a nutshell, when you choose a Lost Sheep Coffee espresso capsule as opposed to most other brands you are saving the planet one cup of coffee at a time.

Can I compost them at home instead?

Not all compostable materials are suitable for composting at home so we recommend just popping them in your food waste bin as you enjoy them and let the local authority do their thing when they collect from you each week.

Espresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso CapsulesEspresso Capsules

Think Espresso Capsules: Think Lost Sheep Coffee Espresso Capsules!



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