Single origin direct trade hand roasted speciality coffee in plant-based Nespresso compatible capsules that are certified 100% compostable and, crucially, air tight for long superior freshness.


100% compostable

Our compostable Nespresso compatible capsules are fully certified by the Gold standard of certification companies TUV Austria who have awarded the capsule the much coveted ‘OK Compostable’ certification. Using the latest advancements in composability technology, our new capsules are made predominantly from the wood bark, or lignin as it is known professionally, which is a waste product from the paper processing industry as they cannot use this part in the paper production process.  Used with renewable raw materials used in the making include natural occurring plant-based proteins, starches and clucose made up the biopolymer structure of the capsule.  Meaning that our capsules are totally Plastic Free!

As it is 100% natural the product can compost to absolutely nothing in a matter of weeks.

We know our customers want the convenience of being able to make a really quality cup of coffee at home but without the guilt of chucking more plastic or aliminum into land fill. Until recently, compostable capsules would have a very short freshness life as the coffee inside would be exposed to oxygen causing the coffee to go stale. Without plastic or glue it is incredibly difficult to create an air tight seal over the product. Our 100% compostable air-tight capsules allow Lost Sheep Coffee to guarantee a minimum shelf freshness life of 12+ months!
— Stuart Wilson, Founder of Lost Sheep Coffee

100% recyclablE


Our range will be available in a one of a kind custom designed dodecahedron box, which have been designed to stand out on the shelf with its unique design. The shape, design and branding is incredibly eye-catching encouraging buyers to interact with it.

To match the green credentials of the pods the outer packaging is also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


coffee well worthy of your cup

Using Brazil single origin Speciality grade coffee beans, which we purchase direct from our friends at the Barbosa family farm and are all roasted by hand in our Whitstable micro roastery. Our compostable capsules are currently available in two varieties for every day drinking and the curious connoisseurs. With a beautiful Decaf option joining us in May 2019.



Funky Camper: This speciality coffee is described as tasting of sweet Irish cream with a rich body and mulled winter fruits. From £3.95



Smooth Journey: This speciality coffee is described as tasting of smooth chocolate fudge body with a light hazelnut finish. From £3.95


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