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Your favourite Lost Sheep Coffee sent straight to your door. Skip or change any time, no hassle!

Fully traceable, fairly traded, hand roasted speciality coffee. All wrapped up in our industry leading environmentally friendly packaging.

At Lost Sheep Coffee we pride ourselves on only using speciality grade 1 coffee beans, this is the highest grade of coffee you can achieve in the world. With each bean expertly hand checked to ensure the absolute best quality is reached. This rigorous process ranks the coffee we use within the top 5% grown globally each year! Because of this unique grading system we gain expert knowledge on exactly where all of our coffee comes from, allowing us to provide full traceability from farm to cup! The high quality of our coffee means all of our farmers are paid up to 4 times more money for their crop than they would with normal commercial grade coffee beans.

Nespresso Compatible Pods

Do you have a nespresso coffee machine and are you looking for Nespresso compatible pods?

You’ve come to the right place! At Lost Sheep Coffee we produce a range of 6 different nespresso compatible pods to suit all tastes. And not only are our pods Nespresso compatible, they are full compostable too which means you can enjoy your cup completely guilt free and safe in the knowledge that your pleasure is not ruining our beautiful planet.

nespresso compatible podsOur ‘Smooth Journey’ nespresso compatible pods will give you a caramel chocolate sweetness.

You can get your daily capsule in either 10, 60 or 100 Mega Box Compostable Nespresso© Compatible Capsules.

We roast the Daily Capsule range to work best with the Espresso button (40ml), we think they taste their absolute best as a Latte.
An amazing coffee that you can enjoy anytime of the day, whether you’re working from home or just simply relaxing with family & friends. This coffee will deliver great body with tones of caramel chocolate sweetness, making it great to drink as a latte or as a black coffee for that morning pick me up. As always our coffee beans are all speciality grade, meaning they are from the top 5% available in the world!

Our Smooth Journey coffee will make you feel like you’re sitting in one of our cafes watching the world go by. Smooth and sweet with a hint of caramel when served with milk.

Region: Timana, Huila, Colombia
Farm: Selected Smallhold Family Farms From Town of Timana
Altitude: 1,200-2,000 meters above sea level
Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Machines: Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules
Capsule Ring Colour: Orange


Looking for something to wake you up in the morning? Our Morning Campers nespresso compatible pods will give you a crisp chocolate apple flavour.

nespresso compatible podsWe roast these coffee pods to work best with the Espresso button (40ml), we think this tastes its absolute best as a Flat White.
A fantastic morning coffee for you to enjoy whilst at home or work, we feel it is the best way to start your day. A rich creamy body with a sweet chocolate apple crisp style finish, this is definitely a capsule unlike any you have had before!

As always our coffee beans are all speciality grade meaning they are from the top 5% available in the world!

Region: San Juan La Laguna, Solola
Farm: Atitlan Pasajquim
Altitude: 1,700 meters above sea level
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
Machines: Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules*
Capsule Ring Colour: Green


Love your coffee but can’t do the caffiene? No problemo!

Our Decaf pods, affectionately known as ‘Loving the Decaf’ nespresso compatible pods will give you a bold clean taste, sans the caffeine. nespresso compatible pods

Our decaf coffee is truly unique and creates a decaf capsule unlike any we have tasted before, this is due to the unique way our partners remove the caffeine from the coffee bean.

This new process uses sugar enzymes to remove the caffeine and the process ensures that all of the original natural flavours are left inside the bean! No nasty chemicals to be found here!

This decaf is a superb single origin Colombian taken from a program dedicated to bringing the highest-quality, non-chemical-processed decaf coffees to market. Its responsibly sourced and as always is speciality grade, just like all our other coffees!
Huila is one of the most famous coffee regions in Colombia, where various farmers with small crops work together to bring exceptional coffee to the market.

We roast our coffee pods to work best with the Espresso button (40ml), we think this tastes it’s absolute best as a latte.

Region: Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
Farm: Local Small Holders
Altitude: 1,200 – 2,000m Above Sea Level
Process: Non Chemical Decaf
Machines: Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules*
Capsule Ring Colour: Blue
Pack Sizes Available: 10 or 100 Mega Box

All of our nespresso compatible pods are:
– Certified Free From Oil Based Plastics
– Carbon Neutral Capsule Factory
– Certified For Industrial Composting
– Hand Roasted Speciality Grade Coffee
– Award Winning Independent Coffee Roastery
Click here for more info on our other nespresso compatible coffee pods.

 Welcome to our Lost Sheep Family!

Nespresso Compatible PodsNespresso Compatible PodsNespresso Compatible Pods



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