Wow, what a weekend!

For those of you who didn’t realise, from Thursday 28th – Sunday 31st March we had a stand at The London Coffee Festival held at The Old Truman Brewery. It’s an annual event from which you can expect all things coffee, milk, equipment demos and more.

This was our first time with our own stand at the festival and feel so honoured to have had this opportunity. We were one of very few roasters representing the coffee scene from South Kent, so that was a delight also!

We decided to go quite big with our stand than the standard size you see from expos alike, because, well, we got a little excited during the booking process. But in-fact, the stand worked out perfect. It gave us lots of room to invite people in to talk and answer any questions, and added a bit more of a personal experience for everyone who made the effort to come over.

The big show stopper for us was of course our fully compostable capsules that officially launched this month. Naturally we had a lot of people asking a lot of questions about them, and we were more than happy to answer (most of the answers can be found here) . They were so popular which we knew they would be, and received so much positive feedback from everyone who sampled them.

Now back at the roastery in Whitstable, Kent, we’re back on the roasting and have slipped back into normality. Now it’s all about moving towards the next calendar events we have scheduled.

Dates to remember:

  • 29th April – 5th May 2019 – UK Coffee week (Canterbury POD)
  • New Ashford store opening beginning of May (It’s open!
  • London Coffee Festival 2nd-5th April 2020

Thanks to everyone that came over and chatted to us. A special thanks for the kind words SO many people gave us, and of course for all of the shares over on social media. We’re really proud of our little company so it really does make our day when people give us such positive feedback!

Until next time…

LSC Team