Let’s meet another one of our wholesale customers, the beautiful Waves Coffee House!

We had a chat with Kirsty about how it all started, how the cafe customers enjoy their Lost Sheep Speciality Coffee and what you can expect when visiting them.

1- Tell us about yourselves! How did Waves Coffee House begin? 

Back in the first lock down with all the glorious weather and living by the sea in Folkestone I found myself out every day on the water on my SUP board and ended up creating a local community for sea sports lovers alike to join and once restrictions were lifted we used this platform to meet  others and talk all this sea related. From this I realised we had no where other than the sea to meet up and talk socialise with like minded people. Come the winter when it was less likely for any of us to meet and the 3rd lockdown was in full swing, I got furloughed again I started looking into coffee houses in Folkestone and  realising there was nothing sea side related in the sense of a coffee shop. So after researching and planning and designing my vision for a sea sports theme coffee house I realised more and more each day this is what I wanted to do! So I roped my mum in who has always had the dream of having a coffee shop as she’s famous among our friends and family for her delicious home made cakes and cookies, we decided to go for it! Waves was born.

 2. What made you choose Lost Sheep Coffee as your coffee provider?

I watched lost sheep grow from when I used to study at college in Canterbury seeing them each day as I got off the bus and grabbing a drink on my way home occasionally. But I love how the coffee is brewed locally, eco friendly and just forward thinking that I wanted to promote this ethos as I myself want to be just the same in Waves, considerate of our footprint and wastage and recycle as much as possible. But most of all, the coffee is just so damn good!


3. Other than great tasting coffee, why should people come and visit Waves Coffee House?

Well opening up in the middle of a heat wave has meant Iced Lattes are without doubt the top seller! i suspect this We are all about our community and love for the sea, everybody is welcome and we love to have a laugh with everyone. My mum Linda makes the most amazing cakes that compliment the Lost Sheep Coffee so well making the entire experience with us a good one. We have chilled out vibes, great music and are dog friendly inside and outside. located a 5 minute walk from the Leas, and the beach we are a great place to stop on the way to or from the beach. Either way every day is summer at Waves even if its not like it outside.


4. If you weren’t running Waves Coffee House, what would you be doing instead? 

Day dreaming about waves coffee! My mum and I have always joked and dreamt about having a coffee house of our very own one day and now we have we can’t imagine being anywhere else… other than down the beach after work! 


5. Finally, what’s your go to song on the ultimate coffee shop soundtrack?

Ask anybody who knows me at some point in the day even if it doesn’t come on the playlist that day I WILL be caught singing ‘Club Tropicana’ by Wham!  its just the best feel good get your shoulders shaking kind of song and everyone enjoys it when it comes on … maybe not so much when I start to (try) sing it. 


Thanks for reading,

Lost Sheep Coffee