Hi Lost Sheepers!

We’ve got another wholesaler to introduce you all to… Faversham Coffee Company, welcome to the Lost Sheep Coffee Family!

They have a mobile coffee shop van that you can find at local markets and events, serving coffee and some sweet treats. Recently they’ve also opened a coffee shop in Ashford! Exciting times, so lets get to know them more…

In our interview below you will find out how Faversham Coffee Company came to be, what their most popular order is since they opened, and what three words best describe them.

Lets get to know them a bit more shall we?!

1- Whats your Faversham Coffee Company story? How did you start?

The idea was born in the pub (where most good ideas start) we have always wanted to open a coffee shop but didn’t want the overheads so went mobile instead, attending various events and markets around Kent then An opportunity came up to actually have a small shop so then the coffee shed was opened.

2- What made you choose Lost Sheep Coffee as your coffee provider?

Kat has spent some time in Australia years ago and grew to love the coffee out there, one day while shopping in the outlet centre we went into Lost sheep and she said that was the nearest to coffee she had tasted in Oz, so naturally Lost sheep were at the front of our minds when the van idea came about.

3- What’s the most popular way your customers enjoy their Lost Sheep Coffee?

Most popular are flat white and latte.

4- Other than the great coffee, why should people visit you at Faversham Coffee Company?

We also have a great range of teas and chocolate and at the shed we have some delicious hot food, cakes brownies and ice creams. Everything we sell on the van and in the shop is sourced locally (coffee obviously from Whitstable) tea from Hythe, pastries and cakes from Canterbury, ice cream from Ashford etc

5- If you weren’t at Faversham Coffee Company, what would you be doing?

Sitting in coffee shops kicking ourselves for not following our dream

6- Three word summary

Friendly, reliable, variety