Scissortail is situated in the ever so fun and popular Margate Old Town, here in Kent.

Within this interview, we will get to know our coffee wholesale customers at Scissortail. We’ll find out how they got started, what they have on offer and so much more.

So let’s get stuck in shall we?


1- What’s your story? How did SCISSORTAIL begin? 

Missy and Antony had an empty shop space they needed to rent out and they knew that Britton (Missy’s brother) was thinking about opening a coffee truck in Tulsa, so, in a moment of inspiration, they decided to connect the dots.  A five-minute phone call to Oklahoma and the deal was done. A month later, Britton had washed up in Margate, and the three started work on what is now Scissortail Coffee.


2- What made you choose Lost Sheep Coffee as your coffee provider?

We love that the beans are direct trade and Single Origin.  The traceability factor is important to us a brand.  Missy is a decaf drinker and the Lost Sheep Coffee sugar processed decaf is the best she’s had. The Brazil Paranaiba Cachoeira, is a perfect classic espresso and a real crowd-pleaser.


3- What’s the most popular way your customers enjoy there Lost Sheep Coffee? Flat white/ espresso?

Flat White and Iced Lattes are our most popular drinks.


4- Other than the great coffee, why should people visit you? 

Amazing donuts and cakes! We know that coffee is a specialised field where it’s essential to get things right, but we think the most important thing about a coffee shop is the customers. We aim to create a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. We want our customers to feel confident in ordering the coffee they’re into, whether that be a cortado or an extra-large latte with a shot of vanilla syrup.


5- If you weren’t doing the whole SCISSORTAIL thing, what would you be doing? 

Antony actually owns his dream business in audio called Spiritland Productions. An Outside broadcast production and facilities provider.

This is Missy’s 4th career. Her first career was her dream job as a singer/dancer in a band. When that ended, she followed another passion and became a hair and makeup artist for commercials and TV. She now has her new dream job designing and running Airbnb’s as well as running Scissortail. But she wouldn’t say no to performing on a stage again. : )

Britton has been a full-time Barista since 2007, and making coffee is his passion. If he wasn’t slinging espresso, he might be a writer or a stand-up comedian. But sadly he’s not very funny. ; )


6- Summarise SCISSORTAIL in 3 words 

Coffee, cake and covid-compliant


What a great interview with one of our newest wholesale customers from SCISSORTAIL!

We’re so happy to have them as part of the Lost Sheep Coffee family, and encourage you to pay them a visit when you’re next in Margate for your Speciality Coffee fix.

Also, make sure you give them a follow on Instagramas they’re super active on there, and as you can see they’re place is super Instagram worthy. Did you see their gold machine!?

Thanks for reading guys, we’ll be back with another in the spotlight soon.

If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale customer too, click HERE.

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