“At The Grove you can find a friendly atmosphere and delicious fair trade specialty coffee. We have lots of alternative milks and offer a range of vegan and non-vegan cakes, bakes and sandwiches. The Grove aims to be a safe and friendly space for everyone”.

In our interview below, you’ll find out how The Grove, in Tunbridge Wells came about, what the most popular way their customers enjoy Lost Sheep coffee, and what three words to best describe the business.

Lets get to know The Grove and chat to Chris!

1- Whats your story?

So I’ve actually only lived in Tunbridge Wells a short time. I moved here after trying some delicious cake at a local cafe on a day trip from London, where I was living at the time. It was so good that I ended up coming back for more! After a few visits I fell in love with the town and decided to move. A year later I realised this was where I’d like to stay and so I opened my cafe here, which was always a dream of mine. My background is actually wedding planning and events rather than in coffee. I still take my mobile bar out to weddings in the Summer but I’ve moved away from the planning side of things, although, If you’re planning a wedding and want to chat, just come down for a coffee.

2- What made you choose Lost Sheep Coffee as your coffee provider?

This is going to sound really silly, and it’s actually nothing to do with coffee. When I was a teenager I worked as a groomsman on my sisters yard. So that’s primarily looking after people’s horses but we had three rescue sheep as well that lived and played on the grounds. To cut a long story short, being a irresponsible teenager I managed to lose one! I think she was probably just very old and wondered off to say goodbye. Anyway, I had to get in touch to tell you guys about my lost sheep story and try some coffee. After learning how amazingly friendly and supportive the team is and how well received the coffee has been, it just felt like the right fit for the house bean.

3- What’s the most popular way your customers enjoy there Lost Sheep Coffee?

It’s primarily flat whites and long blacks. We’re launching our espresso martini menu soon so I’m hoping lost sheep martinis will be popular too.

4- Other than the great coffee, why should people visit?

We have a bakery kitchen upstairs and my friend Bethany comes in and makes the most amazing vegan brownies, especially the Biscoff ones! They are so good! Plus she’s now perfected vegan millionaires shortbread. Last time we had a tray they sold out almost straight away, so they’re definitely popular! People are getting on board with donut Saturdays as well. It’s basically coffee and treats all day in this place.

5- If you weren’t at The Grove, what would you be doing?

If I’m not at The Grove it means I’m at a wedding or event with my mobile bar or hunting down the latest street food that I’ve been craving. Luckily Tunbridge Wells has a great little street food scene brewing so I haven’t had to miss out too much on my street food fix since leaving London.


6- Three word summary…

Coffee, cocktails, cake. Just the good stuff.

If you find yourself in the Tunbridge Wells area and start googling ‘coffee near me’ then try to keep these guys in mind.

Check out The Grove website HERE and Instagram page HERE where they share events, pictures and menu information.


LSC Team