The Hideaway can be found on Bouverie Road, Folkestone Kent. They are a cafe-bistro serving breakfast and lunchtime meals. They mostly use local ingredients and local suppliers, and also create some items in-house.

In our interview below, you’ll find out how The Hideaway came about, what the most popular way their customers enjoy Lost Sheep coffee, and what three words to best describe the business.

Lets get to know The Hideaway and chat to Matt!

1- Whats your story?

The Hideaway began from a love of food & drink and the desire to provide customers with a friendly, great value venue that can be used to socialise and relax in. After 20 years as a kitchen designer, I’ve got the customer service element nailed, so we designed a menu, sourced some great products and away we went!

2- What made you choose Lost Sheep Coffee as your coffee provider?

We strive to use local produce where we can. We have local meat, tea, eggs, bread, all cakes and much of our ingredients are made in-house so a great local coffee with a growing reputation had to be next!

3- What’s the most popular way your customers enjoy there Lost Sheep Coffee?

I would say its joint between Flat White and Americano.

This may be down to our preference when people ask… A bit like when I was in sales myself! The amount of people out there with my favourite kitchen or appliances must be huge! The influence of the vendor goes a long way but I feel these are the best ways to enjoy Lost Sheep…… Apart of course from Espresso Martini, which also sits proudly on the menu!!

4- Other than the great coffee, why should people visit?

There’s an array of delicious treats. Home made fish finger sandwiches on local Docker sourdough, home made pulled pork or salt beef, home made meatballs, there’s loads to try. Great breakfasts too… Local sausages, eggs benedict & royale…. The menu is varied.

5- If you weren’t at The Hideaway , what would you be doing?

You can probably guess what I’d STILL be doing..

6- Three word summary…

Relaxed, great produce, great value.

If you’re in Folkestone looking for a great coffee, that has a great food offering, and has a nice relaxed atmosphere, definitely give The Hideaway a go.

Check out The Hideaways website HERE and Facebook page HERE where they share events, pictures and menu information.


LSC Team