We are very proud to say that Lost Sheep Coffee is an

Independently owned business.

But how did it all start? Well....

Back in 2011 the founders had just landed in Heathrow after spending most of the year backpacking around Asia & Australia. Once they landed Stuart decided to grab a coffee and was shocked how BAD it was, as Stuart & Sarah had Spent most of their time in Melbourne enjoying Speciality Coffee this caught them off guard, but either way they shrugged it off and looked forward seeing family and friends.

Little did they know this small seemingly insignificant event would be the starting point for what would become Lost Sheep Coffee.

After spending the rest of 2011 working in a cafe and coming to realise that British coffee standards where very different to Aussie coffee standards, they started to think there was a problem here that needed solving.

Then during a casual conversation about how Aussie coffee and English coffee are two very different things, their friend said 'Well if its that bad, do something about it!'.

So they did!

In the summer of 2012 they purchased a 3 wheeled micro coffee van, they secured a pitch in the middle of Canterbury high street and introduced Canterbury to its first taste of Aussie Speciality Coffee. Lost Sheep Coffee was officially born, with the core principle that we would only use the best speciality coffee, based on taste not price, with every shot of coffee being weighed and timed to ensure quality coffee every time!

Even though we now serve in excess of 500 coffees daily, this is still true to this day!

So Day 1 rolled up - well they took £30, did not even cover the rent. But not detered they stayed put for the summer and the customer Feedback was amazing, quickly building a very loyal following.

It did become clear however the high street was not the best place for Lost Sheep, so we closed the doors and then on December 5th 2014 we relaunched Lost Sheep in Canterbury this time in our new 'POD 1.0' it was amazing! So many of the old customers come flooding back and have stayed ever since.

Fast forward to November 2015 we opened in McArthurglenn designer outlet Ashford, we opened in the middle of the food court and boy was it COLD in there! But we loved it and you guys loved us, so when they closed down the food court in 2017 we was asked if we would move into a full sized shop!

During the summer of 2017 Lost Sheep Coffee opened its very own Speciality Coffee Roastery in Whitstable, with our 12kg coffee roaster, coffee training areas, coffee cupping area and most importantly an ambient temp controlled room for the storage of their speciality green beans, our roastery is very well equipped and stands proud as the only Speciality Coffee roaster in Whitstable!

To cap 2017 of, we also won the Hospitality business award and was able to get all dressed up for a wonderful awards night, the whole team is very proud of the award and sits in our shop.


Now its 2018 and it makes us so proud to be part of the now ever Growing Kent speciality coffee scene. Being able to #DrinkDifferent is what we believe in and Through Aussie-style coffee practices, we would love you to join us in the world of speciality coffee.


Thanks for reading our story

Lost Sheep Coffee Team