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Our complete range of coffee packaging is fully recyclable, with our Nespresso compatible capsules being certified 100% compostable!

Lost Sheep Eco Pods - Compatible with Nespresso®

Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Lots of companies talk about the ‘End of Life’ for their products, we wanted to do more and focus on the ‘Full life Cycle’ of our compostable Nespresso capsule pods. Our compostable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are made rescuing a waste product from the paper industry. This waste byproduct cannot be used in the manufacturing of their paper, this results in a huge volume of waste that would normally be heading straight for incineration! However, with the help of some very special partners of ours we are able to rescue that byproduct from incineration! It gets rescued and taken to their amazing environmentally friendly carbon neutral factory where they form it into the physical capsules for us. How good is that?!

Lost Sheep Coffee - We offset 15 tonnes of CO2 every month!

What’s more their carbon neutral factory runs off hydro / solar and wind power which we think makes our product even more amazing.

Lost Sheep Coffee Nespresso compatible pods are certified by 'TUV Austria' as industrially compostable and also are certified by ‘A Plastic Planet’ as free from oil-based plastics. The capsules are designed to compost when placed inside your local authority food waste caddy.

If you are unable to compost our capsules there is no need to panic. Because they are made using a waste product that would have normally been incinerated and they are created inside a Carbon Neutral factory you have already played an important role in helping the environment. You can feel confident that you have had a far lower impact on the environment when compared to using plastic or aluminium capsules.

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Hand Roasted Coffee

We only use Speciality Coffee beans, speciality coffee is the very best around. It comes from the top grade of coffee in the world. We work hard to source these beans ourselves directly where possible from the family farms. We then proudly hand roast these carefully selected coffee beans in small batches, at our award-winning Sheep HQ in the vibrant seaside town of Whitstable in Kent.

All of the coffee farmers we work with are paid fairly and up to four times more than standard Fair Trade coffee prices, we are able to trace all of our coffees right back to the fields/towns they were grown in.

Lost Sheep Coffee's Best Selling Get to the Hopper bag of coffee

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

2020 was a big year for us as we were finally able to say goodbye to our old coffee bean packaging, and said hello to the new!

Nearly all coffee packaging you see is NOT recyclable (not even those kraft paper-looking bags), traditional coffee packaging is a cocktail of glues/metal/plastic. So we knew we wanted not to be part of the problem and when we could finally find a solution to this problem we jumped straight at it! We now seal all of our coffee in fully recyclable bags!

All of our wholesale customers' coffee is also now sealed inside fully recyclable bags and is certified carbon neutral, and supports an amazing cause called The Cookstove Project.