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A bag of Lost Sheep Coffee's Get to the Hopper Coffee beans surrounded by caramel, chocolate, fudge and hazelnuts

Get to the Hopper - Coffee Spotlight

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Lost Sheep Marketing Manager

Thursday, 27th June 20245 min read

Get to the Hopper is our award-winning coffee blend, crafted with passion at our speciality coffee roastery in Kent. It’s our best-selling coffee used in our shops and cherished by a large group of our wholesale family! Combining delicious speciality coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil, this top coffee blend boasts a super smooth and incredibly chocolatey caramel flavour that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee lover. Perfect for making a true Aussie-inspired flat white coffee or a legendary latte coffee, you can see why this blend is our top seller by a mile!

The Get To The Hopper blend's chocolate caramel sweetness is all thanks to the finest beans from Colombia and Brazil. The two origins are from the lush region of Huila in Colombia, where carefully selected speciality beans thrive at altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level. Complementing the Colombian beans is the amazing coffee from Mr Barbosa’s farm in the Paranaiba region in Brazil, where they grow at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level.

Our blend is crafted with precision and passion to ensure every cup delivers a consistently exceptional experience. The result is a coffee that not only tastes great but also tells a story of the regions and people behind each bean. The careful selection and roasting process at our speciality coffee roastery in Kent highlight the unique characteristics of each origin, creating a harmonious blend that stands out in any preparation method.

Get To The Hopper is inspired by the renowned Melbourne coffee scene, a heartfelt tribute to those unforgettable coffees on Chapel Street. Whether you’re enjoying a morning brew at home or serving up a round of lattes at your café, this blend brings a piece of Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture to your cup. Experience the rich, smooth, and chocolatey caramel flavours that have made Get To The Hopper a beloved choice among coffee enthusiasts and a staple in our coffee offerings. Try it today and discover why it's our award-winning, best-selling coffee, cherished by so many.

Brewing Tips for the Perfect Cup of Get to the Hopper

To fully appreciate the exquisite flavours of Get To The Hopper, we recommend the following brewing methods:

Espresso: Ideal for capturing the full depth of the chocolatey caramel notes.
We like to use a traditional 2:1 ratio to get the best out of this blend! 

18.5g Coffee          25 – 32 Seconds extraction            32-38g final espresso yield!

Cafetiere: Offers a full-bodied brew that highlights the blend’s smoothness. Use a coarse grind and steep for about 6 minutes.

Using, 30g of coffee and 500ml of water.

  1. Our go-to brew ratio is 6g of coffee to 100 ml of water. For 2 large mugs to share we like to use 30g of coffee to 500ml of water.
  2. Place 30g of medium/medium coarse ground coffee into the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour 500ml of boiling filter water straight onto the grounds (Cafetieres are often glass or metal and can lose heat quickly, so boiling is best. If it’s a cold day, preheat the cafetiere before brewing)
  3. Stir to combine grounds with water and let sit for 3 minutes to brew. Once the 3 mins are up, stir again.
  4. Any remaining coffee sitting on top of the water, scrape off with a spoon. Now you can place your plunger and plunge.
  5. Let the cafetiere sit for a further 3 mins, this allows all the bits of coffee to sink and give clarity to the brew. Now it’s time to pour and enjoy!

If you’re looking for more ways to brew, take a look at our brew guides.

A bag of Get to the Hopper with a yellow sheep and fudge, caramel and chocolate

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it; here’s what our customers are saying:

  • Corinna T
    As someone who is quite new to coffee and who is therefore experimenting with different blends and tastes and strengths and beans (who knew that coffee could be so incredibly diverse!), I thought that the ‘Get To the Hopper Blend’ was a really wonderful place to start. It’s a beautiful, smooth coffee that brews up really nicely in a French Press and, as Lost Sheep promise, is delicious in the style of a Flat White. However, I also enjoyed it very much by itself and without any milk. Once I’ve made my way through a few other different types of coffee, I will definitely be returning to Lost Sheep to order more 
  • Kevin W
    The best coffee on the market. We buy a good few packs of this alongside some on the specials. This is a great treat to have every morning.
  • Adam L
    Has been a staple in our house for several months now, I searched various coffee brands for months before thankfully finding lost sheep and have never looked back - better than any other coffee I have tasted.

Lost Sheep Iced Coffee

If you'd like to try a ready to drink refreshing Get to the Hopper, why not try our brand new, Lost Sheep Iced Coffee Cans - made using our award winning blend Get to the Hopper!

Lost Sheep Iced Coffee surrounded by ice

Crafted with our fully traceable coffee, each sip takes you on a journey to the farms where our beans are ethically sourced the moment you pop the can. Our award-winning Get To The Hopper blend ensures a rich, smooth, and bold flavour that coffee lovers adore.

Let us know if you've tried Get to the Hopper and what's your favourite way to enjoy Get to the Hopper?

Make sure to follow us on instagram @lost_sheep_coffee to keep up to date with everything Sheep!


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