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Lost Sheep Coffee Christmas 2023 gift guide

Sheepmas 2023 Gift Guide

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Lost Sheep Marketing Manager

Monday, 11th March 20245 min read

Introducing our 2023 Sheepmas Gift Guide. 
This year, we’ve decided to collect our favourite coffee’s together to make shopping for the coffee lover in your life, even easier!  

The Filter Fanatic 
A mixture of our bestselling filter coffees, including our ULTIMATE filter coffee – the Filter One.
Alongside some of our super tasty single origins this selection is perfect for any filter fan!

Coffee's included; 
The Filter One
 - Sweet, Nutty Caramel 
Father Sheepmas - Warming Figgy Pudding & Brandy Butter
Our brand new, UNRELEASED Uganda African Moon - Pecan, Cacao Nibs, Plum

Buy the Filter Fanatic Gift Box here

Lost Sheep Coffee Filter Coffee Gift Box Image

The Espresso Enthusiast 
This collection includes our bestselling EPIC shop blend, Get to the Hopper, a blend of delicious Brazilian and Colombian beans, perfect for a flat white or latte, with notes of sweet caramel & chocolate. 

Coffee's included; 
Get to the Hopper
- Chocolate, Caramel Sweetness
Brazil - Rich, Nutty, Toffee
Colombia - Bold, Sweet, Caramel

Buy the Espresso Enthusiast Gift Box here

Lost Sheep Coffee Espresso Gift Box Image

The Classics 
Our collection of classics includes, our brand new Big & Bold espresso, our best-selling Get to the Hopper and our Ultimate filter coffee, the Filter One – perfect for the person that LOVES everything coffee.  

Coffee's included; 
Get to the Hopper
 - Chocolate, Caramel Sweetness
The Filter One - Rich, Nutty, Toffee
Big & Bold - Bold, Sweet, Caramel  

Buy the Lost Sheep Coffee Classic Gift Box Here 

Lost Sheep Coffee Classics Gift Box Image

The Pod Person 
Our experience pack is filled with 2 boxes of each of our Nespresso Compatible Eco Pods. Smooth, a sweet coffee you could drink all day, Morning, the best pod for that first coffee & Decaf.  
Our Taster Pack Includes
Smooth Journey
Morning Campers
Loving the Decaf

Buy the Pod Person Gift Box Here

Lost Sheep Coffee Nespresso Eco Pods Morning, Smooth and Decaf Boxes

If you're looking to gift yourself some coffee or have received some Lost Sheep Coffee, and are unsure on the best way to prepare your tasty new beans, here are a few of our favourite recipes.

Pour Over  - V60 - Try with Father Sheepmas
1. Fold the seam of the paper filter in on itself, then open it out inside the V60 cone. Lightly wet the filter, sticking it to the sides of the cone. 
2. Dose 15g medium fine-grind coffee and place it in the middle of the filter paper. 
3. Pour 50g of *hot filtered water onto the grounds and swirl the slurry. leave for 30secs, this is called the bloom! It knocks out natural gases from the coffee.  
4. Pour another 100g of water on and give the V60 another swirl. 
5. Pour your final 100g of water, have a final swirl and tap on your cup or jug to level the grounds. 
It should finish draining at about 2:30-3 mins. Let it cool slightly and enjoy! 

Cafetiere - The best way to make The Filter One
1. Our go-to brew ratio is 6g of coffee to 100 ml of water. For 2 large mugs to share we like to use 30g of coffee to 500ml of water. 
2. Place 30g of medium/medium coarse ground coffee into the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour 500ml of boiling filter water straight onto the grounds (Cafetieres are often glass or metal and can lose heat quickly, so boiling is best. If it’s a cold day, preheat the cafetiere before brewing) 
3. Stir to combine grounds with water and let sit for 3 minutes to brew. Once the 3 mins are up, stir again. 
4. Any remaining coffee sitting on top of the water, scrape off with a spoon. Now you can place your plunger and plunge. 
5. Let the cafetiere sit for a further 3 mins, this allows all the bits of coffee to sink and give clarity to the brew. Now it’s time to pour and enjoy! 


Espresso - This is the perfect recipe for our Best Selling Blend - Get to the Hopper
We like to use a traditional 2:1 ratio to get the best out of this blend!  
18.5g Coffee          25 – 32 Seconds extraction            32-38g final espresso yield! 

Don't see your brew method? - Check out the rest of our Brew Guides here.

If you’re still not sure what coffee to choose for your coffee loving friend, why not pick up an online gift card! We’ve got online gift cards for £10, £25, £50 & £100.  
Send a Giftcard
If you want to keep gifting the gift of coffee, why not sign them up for a subscription? Our subscriptions are super flexible – swap or change at any time & save money whilst you do it!  
Gift a Subscription

Fancy gifting a coffee experience?  
We offer barista courses for 2 people at our Lost Sheep Roastery HQ in the (sometimes) sunny seaside town of Whitstable, Kent. 
Within the 3-hour course, you can learn, picking the right coffee, espresso prep and extraction, milk texturing and pouring and much more. The course also comes with a goodie bag too! 
Book a Barista Course here  


If you’re not sure what to choose or need a hand picking the best coffee, feel free to drop as a message on Instagram or send us an email. 
We’re always up for chatting coffee – so feel free to reach out!  




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