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How to make an Iced Coffee with lost sheep coffee

It’s Cold Coffee Season

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Tuesday, 18th June 20245 min read

If you’re like us and can’t go a day without coffee but you’re finding a hot cup of coffee isn’t quite cutting it – why not try iced coffee?
In this post we’re hoping to go through every possible method to create delicious cold coffee for you to enjoy in the heat!

Cold Brew

One of the most popular ways of enjoying coffee on a cold day, requires a bit of prep and a little waiting time but once you’ve made a cold brew concentrate you can enjoy cold coffee for a whole week!
This recipe makes almost a litre of cold brew and uses 1 bag of Lost Sheep Coffee – we’d recommend The Filter One.
If you’re looking to make this recipe and don’t have a grinder, or aren’t sure of how coarse you’ll need it, when grabbing your cold brew supplies, leave a note at checkout and we can grind it for you!

What you’ll need:

  • 200g coarse-ground coffee
  • 1L cold filtered water
  • A large container or jug
  • An air-tight jug or bottle


  1. In your large container mix together all your coffee & water, make sure to stir well.
  2. Once you’re happy with your coffee / water mix,  cover your container and leave at room temperature for 24hrs
  3. After 24hrs you’ll need to filter your coffee. We would recommend either a filter paper in a v60/chemex or use a cloth inside of a sieve.
  4. Once you’ve filtered your coffee, store it in an air tight jug or bottle in the fridge.
  5. When you go to enjoy your cold brew, dilute with filtered water, sparking water or tonic , or use your favourite milk and ice to your desired strength!

HINT: We recommend a ratio of 1/2 concentrate, 1/4 ice and 1/4 water / milk!

You’ll want to make sure you drink all your concentrate after 1 week of making it, make it at the weekend and have cold coffee all week!



Making your coffee with an espresso machine? This is our tried and tested way of making your favourite coffee – chilled.

If you’re adding milk or your favourite alternative to your iced espresso we’d recommend using our Get to the Hopper.

If you’re having your iced espresso black we’d suggest giving it a try with our Guatemala La Sierra – slightly more fruity, makes a very special espresso and would work great iced!

As always we suggest starting with a 2:1 ratio, we’d recommend 18.5g of coffee for a 37g espresso yield in 25 – 35 seconds.

Once you’ve got your espresso, pour it over your ice, either top this up with filtered water if you fancy an iced black or add your favourite milk to make a delicious iced latte!

If you enjoy an iced mocha put some chocolate in your cup before pulling the espresso shot, this way the chocolate will be melted before pouring over your ice!

For more espresso tips and tricks head over to our YouTube channel


Filter – Cafetiere

A cafetière wouldn’t necessarily work in the traditional sense, but it could make a really good small cold brew method! This would be super tasty using our classic Colombia!

Following a similar method to the cold brew above.

  1. Mix your 100g of coffee and 500ml water and give it a good stir and let it brew!
  2. Cover and leave at room temperature for 24hrs.
  3. After the 24 hours, plunge and decant into a bottle, store it in the fridge and enjoy for 7 days!

We recommend a ratio of 1/2 concentrate, 1/4 ice and 1/4 water / milk!


Filter – Pourover

This is our go-to iced pour-over recipe, works great with a size 2 v60 – you can also use this recipe with a chemex!

You’ll need:

  • 170g of ice in a carafe or jug under your v60
  • 28g of medium fine coffee we’d recommend our Rwanda Kinini
  • 280ml of freshly boiled water


  1. With your ground coffee in your v60, pour 80ml of your water to bloom for 1 minute – make sure to give your slurry a swirl.
  2. After 1 minute slowly pour the next 100ml of water, swirling again.
  3. Then pour your remaining 100ml, swirl again and wait for it to draw down over your ice!

Super simple, not really too different to a hot pour-over!


Filter – Aeropress

Not your go-to iced coffee method but if you make a strong coffee, the ice you pour it over will dilute it!
If you wanted to give this one a go, try it with our Timor Leste

You will need:

  • 24g medium ground coffee
  • 200ml boiling water
  • 200g of ice

This will work however you like to use your Aeropress

  1. Brew 24g medium ground coffee with 200ml boiling water and stir.
  2. Brew for 2 mins and press onto 200g of ice.



Nespresso Pods

Using your pod machine to make some tasty iced coffee?  This is a super simple way of getting great-tasting iced coffee at home. All you need to do is make your iced coffee as you would do normally but pop some ice in the glass before starting your Nespresso machine! If you’re adding milk or an alternative, add this cold afterwards!  If you’re a fan of a mocha, pop some chocolate in your glass and add your coffee, add the ice then your milk / alternative!

We’d recommend our Smooth Journey Pods for anything iced! If you’re after a bigger drink, you can use 2 pods!

If you want to know how to make iced coffee at home and we’ve not included your preferred method – drop us a message on Instagram and we’d be happy to help!

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to keep up to date with everything Lost Sheep Coffee!


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