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Nelsons Coffee Cabin

Wholesale Clients In The Spotlight – Nelsons Cabin

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Lost Sheep Marketing Manager

Wednesday, 5th July 20234 min read

One man had a dream, and he made that a reality!

Nelsons Cabin can be found next to the car park at Victory Wood, Yorklett. It’s the perfect place for a nice long walk with 364.94 acres of land. You can take in the fresh air with family, friends and dogs, and what better thing to find at the end of that walk, than a food and drink cabin!

Serving Bakery fresh, crusty bacon and omelette rolls.. delicious locally baked homemade cake.. fresh hearty soups… jacket potatoes… ploughman’s lunch… gorgeous clotted cream teas and scones.. every weekend rain or shine! 8 am till 4 pm!

In our interview below you’ll find out how Nelsons Coffee Cabin came about, what the most popular way his customers enjoy our coffee and what three words he uses to best describe the business.

Let's get to know Lee from Nelsons Cabin shall we?!

1. What's your story?

The idea of the cabin came from myself... it was around 3 years ago when I was coaching mountain biking in Victory Wood, that I was inspired to approach the woodland trust and ask if we could start a catering business with the long-term goal to coach and hire bikes.

2. What made you choose Lost Sheep Coffee as your coffee provider?

I’m a big fan of coffee…probably because of the long mountain bike rides! When it became possible to attain a licence from the trust, I was on a mission to find the best coffee.. Lost Sheep ‘Get to the Hopper’ for me is the best Coffee around. 

3. What’s the most popular way your customers enjoy their Lost Sheep Coffee?

We are in a beautiful area with lots of walkers, in particular dog walkers. From Victory Wood we serve regular customers before and after their long walks, mountain and road bikers pop in as well but predominately we serve dog walkers at present. 

4. Other than the great coffee, why should people visit?

Victory Wood is named after Lord Admiral Nelsons famous boat, ‘The Victory’. You can visit the blueprint of the boat on top of one of the hills, and look out for miles at different points illustrated by specific species of trees that represent the positions of the enemy's boats in relation to the Victory at the battle of Trafalgar. There is also a cold war bunker to visit way up on top of the peak of Victory Wood.

The trust do tours into the bunker that are very popular. You can find out the dates of these by visiting the Victory Wood website. Victory Wood was and still is a project for re-plantation to bring back the woodland that had been cut down many years ago to feed the growing need for warships being built at Chatham Dockyard. For historical accuracy, I would visit the Victory Wood site, and our name Nelsons Cabin was created to fit in line with the whole theme of Victory Wood. 

We also serve bakery fresh crusty bacon rolls, omelette rolls, hearty soup, locally baked cake, jacket potatoes, ploughman’s lunches and cream teas. Tempting?  

5. If you weren’t at Nelsons Cabin, what would you be doing?

At present, we are only there at weekends as we work during the week. (One day maybe we can open all week). So if we were not working weekends we would probably be walking our dogs at Victory Wood. It sounds ironic, but it's a great place to take your dogs. Our dogs do get to walk on weekends but our son is in charge whilst we are working. Just for the record we have five naughty Szhitzus!

6. Three-word summary

Best Kept Secret


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