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A swan neck kettle poring water over a v60 filter.

Pour Over Coffee – #Homebrew

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Wednesday, 5th July 20233 min read

With so many people enjoying great coffee at home instead of heading out, we thought we would supply you with the goods and share with you an at home Pour Over style coffee recipe that’s super easy to follow. We’ll slowly work our way through all of the methods, but as V60 is the method we receive the most questions and advice about we thought it would be the best to start with.

And we only went and included some geeky tips for you to sink your teeth into, which you can find at the end


What You’ll Need: Equipment

  • 1 x V60
  • 1 x Kettle
  • 1 set of Scales
  • 1 x Timer
  • 1 x Filter Paper
  • 15-17 grams ( 3 level tbs) ground Single Origin Coffee
  • 1 x Hand grinder (if using coffee beans)
  • 1 x Mug
  • 250ml/g Water

Step 1

Fold the filter paper inwards along the seam and open the filter out and place into the V60.
Before you brew, it’s important to wet the filter paper with warm water. This will help filter through any residue that might be on the paper which can alter the taste of the coffee.
Doing this will also help to keep a steady temperature. Make sure to discard this filtered through water as this could make the brew weak.

Step 2

Grind 15-17grams/ 3 level tablespoons, medium-fine grind (the coffee on the spoon)

It’s really important to have the right grind size because if it’s too small it’ll filter through too slowly and will be bitter. If the grind size is too large it’ll be too quick and taste very weak.

*If you don’t have a grinder we can grind our coffee to the right size for you.

Then place the coffee in the filter paper.

Step 3

Pour enough water to, just cover the coffee grounds (approx 50g/ml). The water should be between 90-94 degrees C.
You can then stir for about 20 seconds which knocks out any unwanted gases.
This stage is called ‘The Bloom’

Step 4

Pour over the remaining water slowly and steadily in circular motions around the filter, working your way inwards.
Stop and stir after 2 minutes which will help to ensure the extraction is even. Then leave to sit.
After between 2.30-3.30 minutes, the brew should be ready to enjoy!
Remember, coffee is all about experimentation and finding what you like best. Don’t be afraid to try and vary our method.

And if you fancy taking it a step further, here are some Coffee Geek Top Tips & Info to really get ya geek on:

  • Bloom – this is a word to describe your first pour which releases natural gases
  • Roast Dates – check the date your coffee was roasted on as fresh coffee will have more flavour. If you don’t see a roast date, walk away
  • Swan Neck Kettle (specifically designed for filter coffee) – these give you better control when pouring and allows you to change the speed of the pour
  • Filtered water – Using something like a water filter will help you get the most flavour out of your coffee
  • Accuracy – Use your phone as a timer and electronic kitchen scales to really be spot on
  • Single Origin Coffee – will have full traceability right back to the farmer
  • Coffee Bean Colour – the lighter the bean, the more natural flavours you’ll experience. Aim for a milk chocolate colour

Ta-dah! There you have it. The Pour Over method the Lost Sheep Coffee way


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